Mary Fallin: Oklahoma needs conservative leadership focused on sustained prosperity

I ran for governor in 2010 because our state was in trouble. We were in the depths of a deep national recession that left tens of thousands of Oklahomans out of work. Our economy was stagnant. Our state was literally broke; we had $2.03 in our Rainy Day savings account. Public schools had taken an enormous spending cut, as the previous governor was forced to cut more than $300 million due to a huge budget shortfall. Oklahoma families — friends I had grown up with and businesses on Main Street in my hometown — were suffering.

At the time, I was serving in Congress. I saw in Washington how tax increases, irresponsible policies like “Obamacare” and a general drift from the values and freedoms we always have shared were pulling the nation — and Oklahoma — in the wrong direction.

I came home to fix that. I asked Oklahomans to elect me to pursue a pro-growth agenda: tax cuts, reasonable regulations, a commitment to eliminating government waste, and a willingness to stand up to Washington, when it forced bad policies on our state.

Working hand-in-hand with legislators in both parties, I’ve kept those promises and our economy is once again moving in the right direction.

Oklahomans are getting back to work. Since I’ve taken office, we’ve created more than 100,000 jobs and our unemployment rate has plummeted from more than 7 percent to just 4.7 percent.

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