Lamb Announces New Foundation Focused On Pro-OK, Next Generation Strategy

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb Creates Statewide Foundation to Develop a Strategy to Implement a Pro-Oklahoma Vision for the Next Generation
Michael Carnuccio named President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Foundation

OKLAHOMA CITY (November 19, 2015) — Oklahoma’s Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb announced plans today to establish a new foundation tasked with creating a plan of action to organize and prioritize policies, resources and talent in order to promote growth in the economy and improve the quality of life for all Oklahomans.

“Every year, I visit all 77 counties in Oklahoma and speak with business leaders, teachers, service men and women, grandparents, students, pastors, moms and dads. Oklahomans from every station in life care deeply about the future of our state and wonder where we are headed, Lamb said. “I am confident we can create a stronger, more prosperous Oklahoma by mobilizing our best and brightest minds from across this great state.”

Lamb continued, “The future of Oklahoma is dependent upon our ability to develop a strategic plan to achieve excellence in several areas critical to ensuring our state can compete for jobs, human capital and investment in today’s global economy.“

The new foundation will be called the E Foundation for Oklahoma and will begin operations in 2016. Lamb said he is assembling a strong team to lead a comprehensive planning approach. The focus of the E Foundation for Oklahoma will be a clear, concise vision toward creating and building actionable pathways of excellence in areas of importance to Oklahoma’s future economic and quality-of-life landscape.

“The E Foundation for Oklahoma is not just about setting goals. It is about doing the hard work of defining each step necessary to reach those goals,” Lamb stated.

Respected Oklahoma conservative business and policy leader Michael Carnuccio will serve as President & CEO of the new E Foundation for Oklahoma. Carnuccio is stepping down as President of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs on December 31, 2015 after six years of success and growth for that organization.

“I am thrilled to join Lt. Gov. Lamb and the influential leadership team being assembled. This plan will be the product of great talent, resources and strengths of Oklahomans across this state. I am confident, when empowered to do so, Oklahomans will enthusiastically propel us to new levels of prosperity,” asserted Carnuccio.

“Michael is the perfect leader for this initiative,” Lamb said. “He has the experience and leadership ability to achieve success, providing essential energy, clarity and integrity to the process.”

Lamb concluded by saying he looks forward to sharing greater details in the weeks ahead about the E Foundation for Oklahoma and its leadership, and that Oklahomans can join the effort and share their ideas at www.efoundationok.org

“Oklahomans have proven time and time again that we can rise to the occasion. I truly believe no task is too difficult. Together, we can find workable solutions so Oklahoma can reach its full potential. This is an opportunity for us to recapture our historic entrepreneurial essence – our pioneering spirit – and give it capacity to thrive in a 21st century world,” said Lamb.


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