Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb picks leaders to spark economic growth
by Rick Green

A number of prominent business leaders have signed on to Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb’s new foundation to promote growth in the state economy.

“In good times and tough times, Oklahomans have always pulled together to emerge as winners but this requires thoughtful planning, new concepts, exceptional leaders and a passionate public,” Lamb said Monday.

“I’m convinced Oklahoma’s best days are ahead and the E Foundation is tapping into our greatest asset — our people — to chart a long-term course to prosperity for all of us. It’s not about politics; it’s about the policies that are best for the next generation.”

The “E” in the foundation stands for “education, energy, exporting, efficiency in government, entrepreneurship and enduring freedom.”

Lamb said the idea of running for governor in two years has been on his mind, but the foundation is separate from any future political plans.

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