Democratic Leader Scott Inman jabs at tax cut, defends water plan, backs Capitol spending

Patrick B. McGuigan
Published: 15-Feb-2013

OKLAHOMA CITY – Marking the end of the second week of the 2013 legislative session, House Democratic Leader Scott Inman stressed four main points in his prepared comments to members of the state Capitol press corps.

Inman, a Del City Democrat, asserted Gov. Mary Fallin “should turn her attention to roads, bridges and health care. The numbers don’t add up when it comes to the Republican’ proposed income tax cut.”

Second, he said the Democratic Caucus supports “the governor’s proposal to allow local control of tobacco use. We stand, as a caucus, with the governor on this issue.”

Inman took issue with a Republican he described as a friend, state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft. Inman said he was concerned about the south Oklahoma City legislator’s “proposal to repeal the ‘Water for 2060’ plan. We hope there is a serious conversation about this. Why would he push this, that is our question.”

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