Oklahoma House’s top Democrat calls for vote by full House on completion of Indian museum

By TIM TALLEY Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma House’s top Democrat on Thursday called on the chamber’s Republican leaders to schedule a vote on whether to provide funding to complete the American Indian Cultural Center & Museum in Oklahoma City.

House Democratic Leader Scott Inman of Oklahoma City urged the full House to take action a day after the House Appropriations and Budget Committee approved a plan to take $40 million from the Unclaimed Property Fund to complete the unfinished structure.

“We believe it deserves a vote on the House floor,” Inman said. But Republican House Speaker Jeff Hickman of Fairview has said he wants 51 of the House’s 72 Republicans to support the Senate-passed measure before it would be scheduled for a vote in the House.

“That is an unreasonable bar,” Inman said. The House’s 29 Democrats support the bill, but many GOP conservatives in the House are opposed. The House committee passed the measure 16-10 Wednesday evening with Republicans casting all of the no votes.

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