Republicans Question The ‘Secret’ Science Behind EPA’s $300 Billion Regulatory Agenda

Republican lawmakers are once again questioning the “secret science” used by the EPA to justify some of the costliest Clean Air Act regulations in history.

“The most expensive rules coming out of the EPA rely on secret science,” Sen. Jim Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, told in a statement. “Americans deserve to have access to technical information and data being used to develop EPA rules that significantly impact their daily lives.”

Inhofe’s statement comes after Republicans grilled EPA Chief Administrator Gina McCarthy in a hearing last week over the agency’s use of nonpublic data to calculate the benefits of reducing air pollutants. The EPA “has a responsibility to be open and transparent with the people it serves, and whose money it spends,” Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, House science committee chairman, said during the hearing.

President Barack Obama’s EPA regulatory agenda has imposed nearly $300 billion in costs, according to data from the American Action Forum, mostly from rules being promulgated under the Clean Air Act that rely on non-public scientific data.

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