GOP Leaders Endorse Paxton for Senate

Tuttle, OK—Republican state Senate candidate Lonnie Paxton today released an avalanche of endorsements by current and former GOP office holders, as well as local business leaders.

Two sitting state representatives whose House Districts overlap Senate District 23, offered support for Paxton citing his conservative values.

“Lonnie Paxton is a solid conservative and a loyal Republican. He believes in limited government, lower taxes and Constitutional freedoms,” said state Rep. Scott Biggs, of Chickasha.

Biggs, a former prosecutor and a small businessman, has represented HD 51 since 2012. The district includes portions of Grady and Stephens counties, and a small sliver of McClain County.

“Lonnie Paxton is a businessman, not a politician. He’s a true conservative who understands limited government and Constitutional principles,” said state Rep. Leslie Osborn, who has served as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

First elected in 2008, Osborn is a Republican from Mustang, serving HD 47. The district spans Grady and Canadian counties, in a northeastern portion of SD 23.

Republican state Senator Anthony Sykes joined the Representatives in their endorsement of Paxton saying, “Lonnie Paxton is a Constitutional conservative, and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for the state Senate. We will never have to question Lonnie’s commitment to conservative values. He is a dedicated family man whose word is his bond.”

Two former representatives also endorsed Paxton’s candidacy.

“Lonnie Paxton has experience running a small business on Main Street, but he also has a background in agriculture that is necessary for this diverse Senate district,” said Phil Richardson, a veterinarian, farmer and U.S. Army veteran.

Paxton owns and operates an insurance agency and property company in his hometown of Tuttle, where he served has served as a mayor and city councilman. He also helps farm land that has been in his family since before statehood.

“He’s the right Republican candidate who can bring people together from both the urban and rural regions,” said Richardson, of Minco, who served as a Republican in the House from 2004 to 2012, serving District 56.

“Lonnie Paxton was a Republican before it was popular to be one. Principles matter, and that’s what separates Lonnie from the crowd. He’s not political; he’s principled, and has a long history working as a loyal Republican,” said former state Rep. Dan Ramsey, who served the Chickasha area 1994 to 1998.

Bill and Mary Braum, of Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores added their endorsement to the list of public officials’ support.

“We trust Lonnie Paxton to support Oklahoma businesses like ours. He understands that over-regulation can stifle job growth and prevent new investment. We’re proud to endorse Lonnie for state Senate,” Braum said.

Paxton said he is honored to have the support of such accomplished men and women.

“I will work hard to represent our District and it’s no-nonsense approach to business, education and families,” Paxton said. “I’m a true conservative who cares about our communities. I want us to reach our full potential in business and agriculture, and I want our children to have a solid future of opportunities and prosperity.”