Questions and answers with Oklahoma’s governor candidates
Gov. Mary Fallin and Rep. Joe Dorman answer questions left over from debate in Stillwater.
by Rick Green

On Oct. 2, Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin debated her Democratic challenger, state Rep. Joe Dorman, of Rush Springs, at Oklahoma State University. This was their only debate. Time ran out before members of a media panel could ask all of the questions they had prepared. The extra questions were sent to the candidates after the debate and they responded in writing.

This year in Oklahoma, executive privilege was asserted to keep public records private. The new execution protocol reduces from 12 to five the number of media witnesses at executions. Open meetings act violations are widely reported. Will you have a transparent administration, and what would you do to encourage government openness?

DORMAN: Absolutely. There is no such thing as executive privilege in Oklahoma law. While Governor Fallin may tout that she has released the most records of any elected official, she did so only after costly lawsuits were filed and the public chatter became loud voices constantly calling for her to share the information.

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