Governor Mary Fallin to Launch Statewide “Oklahoma Works” Tour to Support Workforce Initiative

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today announced a series of Key Economic Network regional meetings with business leaders, education professionals and others to support the “Oklahoma Works” education and workforce initiative launched earlier this year. Each event will be co-hosted by the State Chamber of Oklahoma. Five meetings have been scheduled as of now, with more to be announced.

Fallin officially launched Oklahoma Works in her State of the State address in February of this year. The initiative is a prosperity-boosting project that seeks to increase educational attainment and match skilled workers with rewarding careers. By building local partnerships between state agencies, educational institutions, the business community and other stakeholders, Oklahoma Works aims to ensure businesses have access to the highly educated and skilled workforce they need to succeed in today’s modern economy.

“These meetings will help us to ensure we continue to build and expand Oklahoma Works,” Fallin said. ”We are responding to the unique needs of each of these communities and seeking local leadership and input, not one-size-fits-all solutions.”

Currently, many Oklahoma businesses report they are unable to find the workers they need to grow and expand because of a workforce “skills gap,” or a lack of available and appropriately skilled employees. Oklahoma Works is focused on closing that skills gap by facilitating innovative local partnerships between businesses and educational institutions that help students build work-skills.

“The success of Oklahoma Works is extremely important on two fronts,” Fallin said. “It’s important for our businesses, which cannot continue to succeed and thrive without skilled employees. It’s also important to every student and every Oklahoman looking for a job. Education and marketable skill-sets enable people to find fulfilling careers and live the American Dream. This project is about building a more prosperous Oklahoma and a stronger economy.”

The dates and locations of the meetings are below. At each event, check-in and registration begins at 2:30 PM; the program begins at 3 PM; and a reception will follow at 4:30 PM.

August 25
Central Key Economic Network
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma State University – OKC

August 27
South Central Key Economic Network
Lawton Ft. Sill Convention Center

September 1
Eastern Key Economic Network
Northeastern State University

September 17
Southern Key Economic Network
East Central University

September 29
Tulsa Area Key Economic Network
Tulsa Community College

Education and business professionals who are interested in registering for this event should email the State Chamber of Oklahoma at