August 24, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Channel host, Mike Huckabee.
“Lt. Col. Steve Russell is a man of honor, of service to the American people, and integrity so needed for this hour in our nation’s history,” says Governor Huckabee. “America is beset with problems resulting from the failures of leadership from the President, from our elected representatives, and from the government bureaucracy.”
Steve Russell has appeared on his national news program, Huckabee, several times as a foreign policy expert.
“Mike Huckabee and I are very much cut from the same cloth,” says Russell. “He was a leader fighting against federal government overreach as Governor of Arkansas and now he keeps the nation informed on the most critical issues of the day. Governor Huckabee has earned his title as a champion of conservative values and it is an honor to have his endorsement.”
Mike Huckabee is at the forefront of the problems facing the USA and believes Steve Russell is exactly what Washington needs.
“We need strong leadership, a patriot who will fight for the Constitution, for traditional values and pro-life principles, a patriot who actually knows foreign policy from experience instead of just memorizing talking points, a patriot who will stand up for the people instead of cave to special interests, a patriot who has shown that he will put everything on the line for his country. That patriot is Steve Russell, and I am proud to know him and to have the honor of endorsing him for Congress.”


August 20, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of Senator Kyle Loveless.
“Lt. Col. Russell was my predecessor in Senate District 45 and worked hard for the people of South Oklahoma City,” says Loveless. “The voters of District 45 supported Steve Russell then and I join them in supporting him now. He’s my choice to represent Oklahoma’s 5th District in Washington.”
Steve Russell says he considers this endorsement a very high honor.
“Senator Loveless has served with integrity during his time in the Senate,” says Russell. “Yes, we once competed in the same race, but I’ve always admired Kyle’s business background, support for our vets and I have been impressed with his representation of our Senate district.”
“I have thought long and hard on this race and I believe Steve Russell when he gets to Washington DC will take the same work ethic and the same determination that he is shown the voters of south Oklahoma City,” says Loveless.
“This race came down to two quality candidates but the question I had to decide in my mind on who to support was who in the Republican caucus will take the cause of conservative constitutional principles to the Republican Party in Washington DC and Steve Russell is that guy.”


August 23, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of High Noon Club founder, Bob Dani. The High Noon Club started in March of 2009 and meets weekly at H&H Gun Range to bring elected officials and citizens together. It is one of the largest membership political groups in Oklahoma.
“Steve Russell has an unblemished record of fighting for conservative values,” says Bob Dani. “Oklahomans are sick and tired of an over-reaching federal government constantly telling us how we should conduct our own lives. Lt. Col. Steve Russell has never run away from a fight in his life and he is exactly what we need to stand up to the bullies in Washington.”
Steve Russell has spoken many times at the High Noon Club and is honored by the endorsement.
“The High Noon Club exemplifies everything that is great about the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights,” says Russell. “Bob Dani formed a powerful group of more than 100 members exercising their freedom to assemble and freedom to speak on important political issues. It’s an honor to have the support of a great patriot like Bob.”
“There’s only one clear choice in the 5th district runoff and that choice is Lt. Col. Steve Russell. We don’t need someone claiming to be a conservative then just following the crowd once she gets inside the halls of Congress. We need a battle-tested leader who will lead his colleagues, not follow them.”