Oklahoma Corporation Commission Stands Against EPA Overreach, Dismisses Case

OKLAHOMA CITY (August 13, 2013) – The Corporation Commission voted 3-0 today to dismiss a case brought by PSO seeking pre-approval of costs associated with new EPA regulations on coal-fired electricity plants.

Patrice Douglas, Chairman of the Corporation Commission, led opposition to the potential rate increase, focusing her frustration on the heavy-handed tactics of the Obama Administration.

“This case is nothing more than EPA arm twisting,” said Douglas. “The Washington bureaucrats at the EPA are pressing Obama’s agenda, and they targeted one of Oklahoma’s utilities to do it. PSO was in the horrible position of being forced to negotiate in order to avoid the incredibly over-reaching mandates.

“Whether Oklahoma was a focus because not even one county supported the EPA’s commander in chief, or for some other reason, we may never know. Regardless, I will not support handing the checkbook of Oklahoma ratepayers over to President Obama.”

Despite dismissal of today’s case, Douglas said the issue is not settled.

“These issues will come back, and because of this decision, I will have an opportunity to fully dissect them in a manner that works with Oklahoma utilities to keep the lights on, but also is fair to ratepayers and gives Oklahomans a chance to be heard.”