See the invite and the Tulsa Chamber cover letter.

For Immediate Release: August 24, 2014

Contact: Dave Weston, Chairman OKGOP

Oklahoma Federal Delegation Sends Public Letter to Tulsa ChamberĀ 

Rebukes Chamber forĀ Supporting Louisiana Democrat

(Tulsa, OK) – All members of the Oklahoma federal delegation to Congress today released the following unanimous public letter addressed to the Tulsa Regional Chamber:

Dear Members of the Tulsa Regional Chamber,

We are writing an open letter to express our surprise and disappointment with a letter you received from the Tulsa Chamber as business and energy leaders. The Tulsa Chamber invited you to a fundraiser benefitting an out-of-state Democrat running for U.S. Senate. This is not only one of the most competitive races in the country, but a race that will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

National political pollsters and commentators such as Stu Rothenberg, Charlie Cook, and Larry Sabato routinely rank the Louisiana Senate Race as the linchpin upon which the Senate majority rests. In a recent article reporting on national polling, the Washington Post ranked Louisiana as Harry Reid’s last chance to retain control of the US Senate. If Republicans win this seat, they will likely take the majority and join the U.S. House in fighting the out-of-control Obama Administration.

Contrary to the Tulsa Chamber letter, electing Mary Landrieu is not good for American energy policy, Oklahoma business, or the Tulsa region. Rather, she will keep Harry Reid in charge of the Senate and allow him to continue to block key energy legislation that would benefit our nation, our state, and our region.

We need a new agenda in America and Senate Republicans can provide it. The race in Louisiana could determine whether James Lankford serves in the majority or the minority. This race could determine whether Jim Inhofe becomes Chairman of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in order to fight President Obama’s out-of-control EPA and federal bureaucracy.

As business and energy leaders, you know what this Administration has done to your businesses and this economy. Instead of re-electing Democrats in the U.S. Senate, let’s take the majority, fight this President, and take our country back. It is inconceivable to us that the Tulsa Regional Chamber would want to continue to elect a Democratic majority in the US Senate.


Jim Inhofe
Tom Coburn
Jim Bridenstine
Frank Lucas
Tom Cole
James Lankford
Markwayne Mullin