Boren’s campaign, dormant for years, continues to spend
by Justin Wingerter, the Oklahoman

Boren For Congress, a political campaign committee, spent $14,285 last year, although Dan Boren hasn’t campaigned for Congress in seven years.

Since leaving office, Boren’s campaign has spent $288,314, according to federal campaign finance reports. While most of that money went to charities and other political campaigns, some was spent on event catering and office expenses. A floral shop in Norman has been paid $3,624 by the campaign committee since 2013.

The Boren campaign is one of more than 100 so-called zombie congressional campaigns that continue to spend money after members of Congress leave office. In egregious and legally dubious cases uncovered by the Tampa Bay Times earlier this year, some campaigns continued to pay employees and fund ritzy lifestyles after candidates had died.

Boren’s spending is far less egregious — he is still alive, after all — and appears to be well within the wide bounds of federal election law. The campaign spending could hint at a future run for office by Boren, who opted not to campaign for governor this year.

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