Republican Ralph Crawford Enters Race for Oklahoma District 85

Oklahoma City, OK—Retired Oklahoma City firefighter and Army veteran Ralph Crawford filed today for candidacy for Oklahoma’s House Seat 85, formerly held by the late Representative David Dank.

As a public servant who enlisted during the Vietnam War, and a career firefighter for 27 years, Crawford said he is ready to continue to serve his state in the House of Representatives, Protecting the Oklahoma Standard and conservative values founded in his Christian and constitutional beliefs.

“I have spent my life serving the people of Oklahoma. We face serious challenges in the Oklahoma legislature with the state budget, healthcare, and education issues that must be addressed. I will work to find creative Oklahoma solutions to keep the promises made to our seniors, teachers, and public servants. I will carry on Rep. Dank’s commitment to end tax credits which do not promote job creation, and will, as he did, tirelessly champion our district and promote our state.”

During his time serving in the Oklahoma City Fire Department, Crawford was an instrumental first responder in one of Oklahoma’s greatest tragedies—the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

“The moment I walked onto that site, my life changed. Nothing brings clarity to a life’s calling than to be a part of helping others.”

Ralph Crawford’s wife Laura is a two time Teacher of the Year who has served at both Deer Creek and Putnam City Schools. Throughout their almost 20 year marriage, Ralph has developed a personal understanding of the challenges that teacher’s face, which has deepened his commitment to supporting local education. Crawford has a son who lives in Florida and a daughter who is a Physician’s Assistant in Oklahoma City.

Ralph and his wife Laura attend Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. They have two Scottie dogs, Little Jack and MacKenzie, who are popular draws during their daily walk in their Canyon North neighborhood. “I understand the value of hard work, sacrifice, and believe in protecting the Oklahoma Standard – the standard that demands personal responsibility, a limited government, servant leadership, and embracing our community. When Oklahoma was shaken twenty years ago, we came together. I am asking the people of District 85 to come together and vote for me, Ralph Crawford for State Representative, on July 14th, 2015.”

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