August 18, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of the Madison Project and other conservative leaders.

The Madison Project is a nationally-known conservative group dedicated to challenging “career politicians with conservatives who believe in the Constitution as originally drafted by James Madison.”

Jim Ryun, former Congressman and Madison Project Chairman says, “In a state where all counties went for John McCain in 2008, many folks assume that whoever wins in Oklahoma will be conservative. While that is true in some instances, such is not the case in OK-5. Not only a limited government conservative, Steve is also a staunch supporter of life, having co-authored bills that define life as beginning at conception, that restrict abortions and that require women seeking abortions to be fully informed regarding the procedure. When we look at the math of politics, our goal is to advance the ball each and every election cycle with comprehensive conservatives. Steve Russell fits that criteria on both fiscal and social issues.”

Also announcing an endorsement for Steve Russell today, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, who heads the grassroots Tulsa 912 Project.

“Steve Russell has demonstrated a long-term commitment to standing with us on issues important to the protection of constitutional rights and preservation our freedoms for future generations,” says Vuillemont-Smith.

“Steve Russell is one of a select few who has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the Founder’s Intent, and has a backbone to stand up and be proactive in defending the Constitution first. The choice is clear, only one candidate is equipped from day one with the knowledge and skills ready to take on the critical issues facing our country, only one has a history of standing up to special interests, and only one can be counted on to stand for what is Constitutional and right – and that’s Steve Russell.”

Joining the chorus of support for Lt. Col. Steve Russell is Gary Bauer, formerly of the Family Research Council, now Chairman of the Campaign for Working Families. The CWF exists for the express purpose of supporting candidates who will proudly promote conservative values.

In a letter to Lt. Col. Russell, Gary Bauer says, “As a small business owner, you have created jobs, met payrolls, and balanced budgets. Moreover, you demonstrated your commitment to our country through your service in the Army. You have been a proven leader on the field of battle and I know you will lead the fight to defend our values in the halls of Congress. We need conservatives who will unapologetically defend the common sense values of the American people.”