U.S. Rep. Tom Cole: While President Barack Obama talks to Iran, Congress will listen to Israel

In the global war on terror, the United States has no better ally and friend than the state of Israel. Surrounded by enemies intent on destroying it, Israel has more at stake in this war than any other nation in the world. Moreover, our two nations share a commitment to living peaceably, fighting terrorism, defending freedom and protecting democracy. As terrorist activities in the Middle East become more barbaric, we must continue to value, nurture and respect our relationship with Israel, still our most reliable ally in the region.

In the interest of showing support for the state of Israel, toward the end of last month House Speaker John Boehner extended an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint bipartisan meeting of Congress. That invitation was accepted and is currently scheduled to take place before lawmakers of both chambers in early March.
Since hearing about Netanyahu’s upcoming address, President Barack Obama has behaved petulantly and rudely by openly expressing his opposition to the visit and insisting that he will not extend a similar invitation to meet with the prime minister at the White House.

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