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Coburn To Headline Formation of Grassroots Taxpayer Group


Senator Tom Coburn to headline announcement of OKLAHOMA TAXPAYERS UNITE!

PRESS CONFERENCE 1 pm, Wednesday March 28, 2018

Fiscal hawk and Taxpayers’ friend, Senator Tom Coburn, will announce the formation of a new Taxpayers’ coalition to take the fight to the legislative tax hogs, oath breakers and Political Class.

Oklahoma Taxpayers are fed up with legislative leadership that seeks first to raise taxes and refuses to make the structural, transformational reforms that fiscal responsibility requires. With HB1010XX, passed under duress and rules suspension March 26, the majority of the House of Representatives has chosen the path of more taxation instead of reform.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is a coalition of Oklahoma Taxpayers — civic leaders, concerned citizens, grassroots activists, and party leaders, working together, demanding constitutional, ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible governance for the Oklahoma Taxpayers. Reminiscent of the group known as “Stop New Taxes” which almost repealed HB 1017 28 years ago with a referendum petition, and then Oklahoma Taxpayers’ Union, which successfully passed SQ 640, the new coalition reflects the disgust and anger with a Governor and legislature that has refused to lead, opting for new taxes instead.

Of the 79 House members who voted for new taxes, 11 of them previously signed a pledge for their entire term of office with Americans for Tax Reform, “to oppose [and vote against] any efforts to increase taxes.” Apparently, their word means nothing. Two of the oath-breakers are running for higher office in 2018. Seven members of the Senate signed the same pledge.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! will offer its 7-point Taxpayers Platform for all incumbents and candidates to pledge to on their Word of Honor.

For further information, please contact Brooke McGowan at 704-526-9494 or Porter Davis at 405-343-0239.


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