October 14, 2015

    Newly-elected Oklahoma GOP Chair, Pam Pollard, is calling on all Republicans to unite and focus their energy on electing GOP candidates in 2016.

    “With the historic numbers of open seats in the House and Senate, the OKGOP is focused on recruiting candidates and raising money for the next election cycle. Oklahoma is a red state but we can’t take anything for granted,” Pollard says. “The 2016 Presidential Primary, less than five months away, begins the process of electing local, state and national delegates to choose the Republican candidate for President.”

    Pollard has been meeting with Estela Hernandez, the current OKGOP Vice-Chair, to solidify plans for the upcoming elections. Pollard and Hernandez are the only female GOP Chair & Vice-Chair in the nation.

    “I think having two women in the top spots is a testament to the forward-thinking of Oklahoma’s Republicans,” says Pollard. “Everyone in the party needs to work together now. The Oklahoma GOP is the party of the future and we are open for business!”

    Pam Pollard has served the OKGOP for almost two decades, is a former Oklahoma County Chair, and is the President of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women.