Bridenstine: Supporting NRCC, A ‘Third Party’ Not Of Interest To Him

From the Tulsa World DC Report:

Team player: First District Rep. Jim Bridenstine was irritated after Politico reported he was among a number of young Republicans refusing to contribute to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The NRCC is the campaign fundraising arm of the House Republicans. GOP House members are expected but not required to contribute and raise money for it.

Bridenstine took exception to the implication that he is not a loyal Republican because he has not sent any money the NRCC’s way. He said he just prefers to pick his own candidates and cited his radio spots on behalf of Mayor Dewey Bartlett as an example.

“People who donate to me want to see me support candidates whose values are the same as mine,” he said. “Turning money over to a third party is not of interest to me.”

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