Fallin Maintains Double-Digit Lead 
By: Pat McFerron, President, Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates, Inc.

Mary Fallin currently holds a 13-point lead over Democratic challenger Joe Dorman (44% Fallin vs. 31% Dorman), despite having seen her numbers fall slightly in the last four months.

The other three candidates who will appear on the ballot garner support from 4% of the voters. In April, Fallin had a 15-point advantage, 52%-37%. Today, Fallin has a wide lead among men (48% Fallin vs. 26% Dorman) and narrowly leads among women (40% Fallin vs. 35% Dorman).

Republicans are more united behind Fallin (67% Fallin vs. 9% Dorman) than Democrats are behind their nominee (24% Fallin vs. 52% Dorman). Among Democrats with an unfavorable impression of President Obama – the key swing group in general elections in Oklahoma – Fallin has a 12-point advantage (42% Fallin vs. 29% Dorman).

Interest areas in this election show voters have aligned their electoral preferences with their topics, for the most part. Among the 13% of voters focused on moral issues, Fallin has a commanding lead (70% Fallin vs. 12% Dorman).

The same can be said for the 19% whose focus is on efforts to stop federal intrusion (65% Fallin vs. 10% Dorman). In contrast, the 28% intent on societal issues like health and education opt for Dorman (16% Fallin vs. 53% Dorman) by a better than three-to-one margin.

The second largest voter bloc, those interested in economic issues like taxes and jobs (22% of voters) are evenly split (36% Fallin vs. 40% Dorman).

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