Statement by Senator David Holt regarding announcement by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett

“Today, Mayor Cornett announced he will not seek another term, putting an end date on one of the most successful mayoral tenures our city has ever seen.

Today is a day to celebrate Mayor Cornett’s phenomenal record of service to the people of Oklahoma City. I wish we could declare it ‘Mick Cornett Day’, but that is something only mayors can do, and our mayor has always deflected credit for our city’s renaissance.

But in fact, Mayor Cornett deserves much of the acclaim for our recent successes. From the NBA to MAPS 3 to the implementation of MAPS for Kids to his leadership in promoting healthier lifestyles, Mayor Cornett leaves an unparalleled record of accomplishment. In addition to being my mayor, he has always been my friend, and I sincerely hope his public service does not end when he leaves City Hall.”