State Senator Stephanie Bice And Business Owner Linda Huggard Endorse Carly Fiorina

Bice and Huggard Point to Fiorina as the Political Outsider Who Will Fight for America

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Today, Oklahoma State Senator Stephanie Bice and Oklahoma business owner Linda Huggard announce their support for Carly Fiorina for President of the United States. Stephanie Bice is the State Representative for District 22, which includes northern Oklahoma County and eastern Canadian County, including parts of Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont and Yukon. Linda Huggard is the Owner of Broadway Machine and Motor Supply.

Oklahoma State Senator Stephanie Bice:

“It’s time for our country to benefit from the leadership qualities a woman like Carly Fiorina would bring to the oval office. Her no-nonsense attitude toward international relations and her goal to make the United States a world leader, economically and militarily, are just two from the long list of reasons why I’m throwing my support to her campaign. I hope to encourage all Oklahomans to join me.”

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