It could come as a surprise, given Dan Keating’s outward support and endorsement of Kathy Taylor in their pages,  the Tulsa Beacon this weekend distanced themselves from the Christiansen, Keating crowd and their endorsement of Democrat Kathy Taylor.  

Taylor Deceives Mailer implies a Tulsa Beacon endorsement

November 7, 2013

Without actually stating that the Tulsa Beacon has endorsed Kathy Taylor, a widely distributed deceptive mailout implies that Taylor is editorial choice of the newspaper.

That is not true.

The flyer quotes a column from Dan Keating, who writes a weekly opinion column for the Tulsa Beacon, in which Keating criticizes Mayor Dewey Bartlett. Keating endorsed Bartlett the last time he ran for mayor and Keating was a constant critic of Taylor when she was mayor.

For the Tulsa Beacon’s view of the mayor’s race, turn to the editorial on page 6.

“Kathy Taylor is an attorney and she is careful not to tell direct lies but she and her campaign are loose with the truth,” said Tulsa Beacon Publisher Charles Biggs. “The Tulsa Beacon has never endorsed her. She is a ruthless politician with sights set on higher office. She is a tax-and-spend progressive who wouldn’t stand a chance in this election if she had not loaned her campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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