To the Editor:

After three decades of dealing with our horribly broken tax code, Congress is on the brink of providing a major victory to businesses of all sizes in Oklahoma with its comprehensive tax reform legislation. Every business owner should thank our very own Senator James Lankford for helping to pass tax reform legislation in the Senate and paving the way for this new pro-growth tax code.

Currently, businesses in Oklahoma have to contend with a great deal of red tape simply to pay their taxes and they are often charged rates that are unfairly too high. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are wasted every year by business owners wading through our mess of a code. What’s even more frustrating is that the rates charged by the current code make our businesses uncompetitive and limits their ability to go out and hire more employees.

The GOP tax plan will go a long way to fixing this issue. I am encouraged to see that Senator Lankford is in favor of tax reform and I urge him to vote for this once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix the tax code when the House and Senate agree on the final legislation.

— Brenda Jones Barwick, APR, Owner of Jones Public Relations