Progress Shouldn’t Take A U-Turn
The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors Continues Campaign to Protect Oklahoma’s Infrastructure

The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors continues their No U-Turn on Progress campaign on Monday with full-page advertisements in the Tulsa World, Lawton Constitution and Oklahoman. The campaign is aimed at protecting funding set aside to build and maintain the state’s infrastructure during this tough budget year.

The advertisement prominently features a No U-Turn road sign and calls on Oklahomans to contact their state legislators to “stay the course of progress for a safer Oklahoma.” The ad also predicts how Oklahoma’s roads, bridges and economy will decay without continued investment in the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan.

We have seen the the Eight-Year Plan in action. Simply put, it works. It’s been instrumental in funding state and U.S. highways, in addition to interstate projects covering all 77 Oklahoma counties. As a result, the state has seen a significant reduction in structurally deficient bridges. It will continue to work so long as we don’t let our legislator’s steal from the future of our state’s economy.

If residents and travelers want to see the continued development of our state, then funding roads and bridge improvements has to remain a top priority.

State legislators have set high expectations for the completion and renovation of Oklahoma’s transportation system and have pledged to support the improvement of deficient roads and bridges in this state. Let’s, in turn, hold our state legislators accountable in continuing to pave this path of progress.