For Immediate Release: January 28, 2014


Coalition to Oversee Tulsa Road and Bridge Projects

TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 24, 2014)— The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) announces the formation of the Tulsa Contractor Partnering Coalition (TCPC), which will help to oversee additional road and bridge construction taking place due to the $918 million tax extension for Tulsa’s infrastructure. This initiative, Improve Our Tulsa, aims to repair Tulsa’s streets, bridges, public safety equipment and parks.IMG_8314

“Formation of a coalition like TCPC is unprecedented and is helping to make tremendous strides to ensure accountability with the work on roads and bridges,” said Bobby Stem, executive director of AOGC and director of TCPC. “The construction is a necessary improvement to our roads and bridges and it is important that any concerns regarding the use of the newly approved funds be addressed beforehand to maintain transparency with citizens.”

TCPC is made up of nine local community members; Bobby Stem, director; four contractors: Rod Abbott Sherwood, Kyle Wilson, Mark McGuire and Rich Horrocks; two engineers: Robert Smith and Matt Moshiri; and two Tulsa City Council members: Chairwoman Karen Gilbert and Councilman GT Bynum.

“The formation of the Tulsa Contractor Partnering Coalition is a very important step to ensure the Tulsa community accountability and transparency of construction projects during the Improve Our Tulsa initiative,” said Councilman GT Bynum. “The involvement of these nine community members will be central to guaranteeing the success of this initiative.”

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