FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2017

AFP Oklahoma Comments on Governor Fallin’s Call for Special Session
Grassroots group calls on legislature to look at spending cuts, not raising taxes.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma (AFP OK) responded to Governor Fallin’s call for a special legislative session to address an anticipated $215 million budget shortfall.

In 2016, the tax commission estimated a new $1.50 per pack tax on cigarettes would generate $184 million in new revenue. Lawmakers passed the increase as a cigarette cessation ‘fee’ in the final days of session this year. The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the measure, deeming the fee a tax, making passage in the final days of session unconstitutional.

AFP OK State Director John Tidwell issued the following statement:

“Any call for a special session without a plan to address our state’s fiscal health is a bad idea. All that usually comes from special sessions are new taxes, more spending – never a plan to right-size state government. The state of Oklahoma is planning to spend more money than ever next year, an increase of more than 27% over the last decade.”

“Nothing has been done to address how our state balances the books and what we spend our dollars on. Our state can find a solution that doesn’t involve a tax increase but it will require spending cuts. Families can’t balance their checkbook by raising taxes; they have to live within their means and the government should do the same.”

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