Mayor’s ballot has five candidates, different takes on office
By JARREL WADE World Staff Writer

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A mayor’s race that has focused on education, experience, public safety, economic development and negative campaigning — just to name a few issues — could come to an end after Tuesday’s primary vote.

A poll going into the last week of the campaign had Mayor Dewey Bartlett ahead of main challenger G.T. Bynum, 40 percent to 37 percent. But 14 percent of voters were undecided, meaning either candidate could take an outright win with more than 50 percent of the vote.
Other candidates on the ballot are Lawrence Kirkpatrick, 70; Tom McCay, 54, and Paul Tay, 53. Each had polled at or below about 3 percent in the Tulsa World’s poll conducted by SoonerPoll.

Between Bartlett and Bynum, the single issue that sets them apart and that voters should consider in the voting booth — according to them — are Bartlett’s experience and Bynum’s focus on education.

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