Oklahoma Democratic, Republican party chairs up for grabs

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – With the 2016 presidential election cycle ramping up, the chairmanships of both the Oklahoma Republican and Democratic parties are up for grabs.

Republicans will gather next weekend in Oklahoma City for their annual convention, where incumbent GOP party boss Dave Weston will try to fend off a challenge from two challengers – longtime party activist Pam Pollard and one-time tea party favorite Randy Brogdon.

Oklahoma Democrats will select a new leader for its state party after Wallace Collins said he won’t run for another two-year term. Current party vice-chair Dana Orwig and Oklahoma City attorney Mark Hammons both announced plans to seek that post at the Democratic Party Convention on May 30.

Republicans have enjoyed tremendous success during the last decade in Oklahoma, capturing both chambers of the Legislature and every statewide elected office. The GOP also retained all five congressional seats and both U.S. Senate seats in 2014.

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